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Ep12: The Virtual Excellence Show featuring Ric Holland

Ric Holland – 40 years of Creative Innovation

Ric Holland's TimeLine … by Ric Holland on Scribd

Ric Holland – Extreme Digital Media

35+ years delivering design & technology innovation and disrupting how things are done. Extreme Digital Media –

Ric is a Spatial Computing specialist and for many years has been proactive in promoting the Virtual/Augmented Reality (XR) development community in Australia. He was the founding sponsor of one of the largest global AR/VR meet-ups prior to co-founding Extreme Digital Ventures, dedicated to XR investment in Asia Pacific.

Featured in this video are the many events and projects Ric Holland has become known for including:

Extreme Digital Media –
Extreme Digital Ventures –
XR Meetings –
AR & VR Meetups
Offis Multi-Cloud Innovation
SkunkMonk – Creative Technologists
ISV Speakeasy – Application Developers
eClub – Business and Technology Innovation
Ninefold – Macquarie Telecom
Wacom Technology – (Art of Making Marks)
301 Interactive – Studios 301
IBM – Interactive Branding and Design
MetaCreations Corporation

Ford using Gravity Sketch in car design

Ford is the first automaker to work with Gravity Sketch – a 3D virtual reality tool that enables designers to create more human-centric vehicle design. Designers trade in their sketchpads for a headset and controllers to become immersed in virtual reality, imitating gestural interactions through motion tracking that replicates sketching with pen and paper.

Across five global Ford design studios, dozens of interior and exterior designers are now experimenting with Gravity Sketch for workflow feasibility and its potential for real-time co-creation and collaboration. Shifting to a model that designs and evaluates in virtual reality could revolutionise the entire process by drastically reducing development time and allowing for more 3D representations in the evaluation stage.

Working in Quill on Rift

The Rift app Oculus Medium won’t be coming to Quest

Facebook says it requires “the power and memory of a PC” Standalone VR is great as it’s affordable and wireless. Over the past few months and throughout GDC we’ve been hearing about plenty of games coming to the $399 standalone headset. Developers have been working hard to optimise their art assets and code to make them run on the Snapdragon 835 SoC.

The Last Oasis designed in Quill for Oculus Quest

Like many VR art tools, Quill essentially represents a way for artists to create everything from standalone assets to larger works like The Last Oasis without having to master a game engine, allowing artists to use a VR headset and motion controllers to build the work entirely from the ground-up. Fujita says it took him only five days to build, done in collaboration with a small team of Facebook software engineers.

Ultrahaptics, Meta and ZeroLight | CES 2018

Strange Beasts

Strange Beasts from Magali Barbé on Vimeo.

A sci-fi short about augmented reality.
“Strange Beasts” is an augmented reality game. It allows you to create and grow your own virtual pet. How far can it go?

Written, directed by Magali Barbé. Produced by: PEANUT
Co producers: Red Knuckles

Experiencing the MASSLESS Pen

Early adopter, David Edge (ARUP Virtual) talks about experiencing the MASSLESS Pen Learn more

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